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When talking about food or cuisine, mouth starts watering. India is know for its spices production. Thus, this blog is brought to you Scientific Analysis of Swiggy Logo.

Swiggy has established itself as one of the leading food delivery brand in India. They also provide a swift pick up and drop service.

Swiggy receive the order for customer for meal from either restaurant or a food stall which must have created account on swiggy. Brand have created a website where restaurants or street food stall owner can register and can get orders.

Swiggy then deliver it to customer. Brand has smartly used the technology to handle the orders. Also they have taken efforts to make their brand user friendly.

Different schemes also made it easy for customers to rely. Another feature of brand is the variety of meals available on swiggy. Thus the brand also has successfully generated a good number employment opportunity. This indirectly boosted Indian economy.

Thus the brand has developed from small business to leading food delivery company in India.

History and Evolution

In Kannada language the word swiggy is refereed as harvesting and food. The swiggy brand was established in year 2014 by Sriharsha Majety, Nandan Reddy and Rahul Jaimini in Bengaluru. The trio had initiated with small venture and gradually took it to top firm in India.

Initially, swiggy began the business in Bengaluru, where it was originated. Later it spread towards the cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi and so on.

The brand successfully discovered the target problem in the market. They was demand for food delivery company in the market. Thus, the brand then focused on work on it by solving.

However it is interesting to know that brand was in great demand majorly at time of covid-19. This pandemic generated a need for brand which could fulfill the demand of meals among people. Thus, this helped brand to earned good position in the market.

Also brand brought the presence on social media to increase the customer engagement.

The imagination and creativity of graphic designer, who must have designed the logo, have lead the brand develop on a large scale. The initial logo of the brand was symbol letter s of orange colour. The wordmark was Swiggy which was also in orange colour placed below the s symbol.

The symbol of s was designed which was very stunning and identifiable. The one sees orange s symbol it triggers into the user’s mind that it’s none other swiggy logo.

The wordmark of the logo was all in upper case i.e. it was all capitalized. The sharp pointed lower edge of the letter s suggest as the appeared to be the cursor from google map location indicating desired location.

This suggest that brand is dedicated to provide service not confined to particular location, but location close to customer. The single point touch of s symbol suggest the speed of the service of the brand.

The main intention behind designing wordmark is to create awareness about unfamiliar customers. As the brand fulfilled the desire of customers, it also increased the demand among the customers, especially during pandemic i.e. covid-19.

Colour and Font

The logo design follow a simplicity and decent colour with minimal elements. The primary colour of the logo is orange colour and white background. Orange symbolizes energy, enthusiasm and ambitious. Psychologically orange colour associates the triggered feeling of hunger.

Orange is also associated with steadfast and speed. Thus, brand has quite, thoughtfully choose orange colour of the logo to get position in food industry. While the white colour is assiated with peace and purity. While the font used by the brand for is Futura


In conclusion, swiggy has become one of dominant brand in food industry. The moment hunger triggers, swiggy is the that emerges in the mind of users. Swiggy not only involved in food delivery service, but also used to deliver other items like food edibles, parcels, documents and so on.

The most important strategy of swiggy is they are always working to adapt the niche and taste of people regarding food. They are always with latest trends which attracts the customers. It has not only attracted customers, but also many investments.

They have set up a platform for restaurant and vendors and local food stall owner to reach out to customers. Did you know? swiggy brand create advertisement in such a way that it triggers the mind of viewers.

Thus the overall research suggests that swiggy brand will to explore others industries as well. The brand has successfully revolutionized the food industry using their creativity and strategy.

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