Do you know? Food ranks the 2nd priority for most of individual. India is house of spices, and so how can the cuisine be not the priority? This blog will explore about Scientific Analysis of Zomato Logo. Zomato is food delivery brand, that delivers food from order received from restaurants and food stall or vendors.

Users can easily access any restaurant close by their location and can place food order. This gave a platform to restaurant and food vendors to promote their business. Thus, is acts as tool that connects customers with restaurants and food vendors. It also provides zomato premium or pro offers to the cutomers.

The official website of zomato named as as well as the zomato application is designed to make it convenient for user to place order, as well as restaurant for put their dishes available. It also generated employment service to many of youngster and teenagers who must be in financial crisis.

History and Evolution

Zomato brand was established in the year 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. The main office of zomato is situated in Haryana.

The brand with small start as a home project and later it began to grow at national level. Initially brand was named as Foodiebay to attract the customers.

There is quite short and interesting story which led to establishment of zomato. Once two friends Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah visited a cafe for lunch. After lunch they moveed towards mall. There they the hustle and bustle of the people.

Suddenly they thought that are these people aware about the food counter. Thus, this thought process gave them idea to begin a startup for food delivery. They named it as Foodiebay and then changed it to Zomato. Also we can’t miss the really amazing fact that the idea for the word Zomato was derived from a mere fruit tomato.

At present zomato is working in around twenty four countries worldwide. During pandemic of covid-19 when there was a need for delivery service, it created a way for zomato to grow their business.

A renowned graphic designer Akshar Pathak had designed the logo for the Zomato. He is one of well known artist who have designed poster films. He likes sketches and painting which must have brought him into profession of graphic designing.

Ever brand wants recolonization and fame, so was the case with zomato. Thus logo plays a vital role for any brand to earn the fame and position in the market. Logo also serves as representation of brand’s objectives.

The zomato’s main objective was dealing with the drawback of food delivery in India. It was clearly incorporated in the logo.

This also indirectly helped brand set their identity in the market. The uses of effective elements in the itself are the voice of the brand’s identity.

Thus, the primary motive the brand behind drafting the logo was to convey that the brand pop at the top in the market.

You will be stunned to know that brand has changed the logo for seven times.


The initial name of the brand was Foodiebay, which was also the brand’s first logo in form of word mark. All the letters were in uppercase, in brown colour. The logo design is so unique that it mouthing watering.

The graphic of donut, pizza, beef, eggs, stick with meat, suggest about food brand. Not only this there is also a furnace, to symbolize the food is fresh cooked and a spoon and fork to eat. Thus the first logo of the brand itself portrayed the motive of the brand.

The first O letter was designed in donut shape, second was in pizza shape, I was designed to look as stick that holds meat, y was designed to appear as beef’s cutout, e was designed as spoon and fork and letter b had two boiled eggs.

You won’t believe that this was so effective that, brand did not changed this logo for almost two years. Thus, this logo was core of the brand’ heart. Thus logo had proved very impacting among the users.


By the year 2010, brand decided that it’s time to refine the logo. This time logo had a new wordmark. Wordmark was the new name of the brand i.e. zomato.

All the letters were in lowercase, and black in colour. Towards the left of the wordmark was the symbol of tomato with leaf cut in z shape.

There was .com wordmark placed towards right end of the wordmark zomato in vertical line. This suggest the logo not only promote the brand but also, the brand website. The font used was FF Cocon.


There were minor reconstruction that was done in logo by the brand in the year 2012. The symbol of tomato was erased and and enlarged letter Z was used instead of tomato symbol.

The .com elements was eradicated from the logo.The wordmark Zomato was placed to the right of the Z symbol in vertical line.

The Z symbol and wordmark followed same colour i.e., white and font i.e., FF Cocon. The overall elements were placed in black colour box which acts as backdrop of the logo.


The logo was slightly modified in the year 2014. The wordmark was placed in horizontal line and a heart symbol with three strokes of fork stabbed into the heart was placed towards left of the wordmark.

The wordmark was in black colour, all in lowercase i.e., in cursive. While heart and fork symbol was in red colour.

The font used in this logo was Grotesque. This logo also reflects the brand’s motive that it closely associated with food industry.


Again brand brought a minimal changes, in the logo. The symbol of fork and heart was altered with symbol of spoon of white colour placed horizontally in a red box. The box had edges slightly curved.

While the rest elements like colour and font of wordmark remained untouched. The main motive of the logo was to give slight human touch. Spoon itself symbolizes a tool used by human for eating food.


This time brand came with very simple and plain logo. There was only barely two elements in the logo. There was only a wordmark zomato of white colour placed in a red coloured box.

The box had edges slightly curved. The font used also remained the same, i.e., Grotesque. The letters of the wordmark were in lowercase, i.e., cursive.


The present logo of the brand also simple but yet identical among the users. The elements that logo consisted was a wordmark of zomato of red colour and all in lowercase.

The font used in this logo is Metropolis. Thus, this logo is very catchy, and appealing for users.

Colour and Font

The primary colour used in logo combination red and white. The red colour in the logo suggest passion, energy and excitement. While white colour symbolizes purity, simplicity and cleanliness.

While the major font used in the logo is Grotesque and Metropolis. The combination suggests that this is brand designed for crazy lovers of food or simply say foodie people.


Thus, to conclude, zomato will continue to shape the the food industry, with their creativity and innovation. Zomato’s logo is instantly recognizable and lively, underscoring the company’s dedication to advancing food discovery.

With its logo, zomato could sucessfully engage millions of people. Zomato’s dedicated service and creativity in graphics has led the brand expand internationally.

Zomato is also know to have overcome all challenges that were hurdle for their progress. Thus, zomato will continue to set benchmark in food industry.

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