Scientific Logo Analysis of Mumbai Indians Logo meaning

Are you a crazy fan of Cricket? Let’s get an understanding of the Scientific Analysis of the Mumbai Indians Logo.

Get set for an exciting adventure into the iconic emblem of Mumbai Indians, a captivating tale full of symbolism, innovation and a desire for change.

Did you know that during their triumphant journey, Mumbai Indians revamped their emblem many times, with each iteration a testament to their unwavering pursuit of excellence?

It’s incredible to think about the creativity and determination that must have gone into each redesign. Let’s see exciting journey of Mumbai Indians Logo Design?

What is Mumbai Indians?

Mumbai Indians is a professional cricket team that participates in Indian Premier League (IPL).

They have created history by reaching a height of more than $87 million of brand in the cricket sports industry. The captain of the team is Hardik Pandya, the coach is Mark Boucher and the manager of the team is Prashant Jangam.

The famous IPL franchise Mumbai Indians is owned by Indian Win Sports Limited a subsidiary of Reliance Industries founded in 2007, as Reliance Industries owns the franchise of Mumbai Indians. The home ground where team play their home match is Wankhede Stadium.

Mumbai Indians have won the IPL five times, which has made them one of the globally popular team. They have also earned a huge fan following. Also, they have earned more than one title in IPL.

History and Evolution of the Mumbai Indians Team

The team Mumbai Indians was initiated in the year 2008. Initially, Sachin Tendulkar was the captain of the team.

During the initial years of IPL, the team failed to keep pace with success. There were a lot of hurdles for the team which they had to overcome with their confidence.

Mumbai Indians have won around Five IPL trophies, which created a benchmark for the team.

Mumbai Indians TrophyYear of Winning
1st Trophy2013
2nd Trophy2015
3rd Trophy2017
4th Trophy2019
5th Trophy2020
Mumbai Indians Winning Trophy Years

Thus, Mumbai Indians will continue to dominate the cricket ground, climbing the ladder of success and not giving up.

Scientific Analysis of Mumbai Indians Logo

Here comes the interesting section of the blog. Let’s study and analyse the logo of the brand and its significance with the year.

Did you know the brand changed the logo many times in its journey of success?

So let’s get some insights about it.

Mumbai Indians Logo meaning in 2008-2010

Mumbai Indians first logo, which was designed in 2008, included the Sudarshan Chakra and its brand name. It kind of reminded me of the epic weapon of Lord Vishnu that he holds on his finger.

The wordmark of Sudarshan was designed in a cool dark blue shade, with a thin border in a bright red colour. The Sudarshan chakra symbol looks pretty awesome too, with a cool blend of orange and dark blue colours.

There were two arch strokes drawn close to the chakra to suggest about sparks from chakra. One was coloured orange and the other was green in colour.

The wordmark was placed towards the right of the chakra. The font used in the logo is sans serif and was written in UPPERCASE i.e., each letter is in the capital.

Mumbai Indians Logo meaning in 2010-2015

Brand felt a need to upgrade the logo by the year 2010. However, there were only minor changes brought in the logo.

The strokes were placed on even the other side of the chakra symbol. The placing was done in such a way as if the chakra was turning and sparks were coming out from it.

The colour of the chakra symbol and wordmark was now in bright blue colour. While other elements remained unchanged.

Mumbai Indians Logo meaning in 2016-2020

Again the brand thought to reconstruct the logo in the year 2016. This time brand made some changes in the logo which created impact and uniqueness and gave a minimalist approach.

The changes brought were the sparks of Sudarshan chakra were erased and the wordmark ( Mumbai Indians ) of the logo minimized to only the initials i.e., MI. Also, the border of the letter of the wordmark was camel brown.

Colour and Font of Mumbai Indian

It is worth noting that the Mumbai Indians team employs a highly strategic approach when it comes to the use of their colours and fonts.

Let’s see what that means.


The colour palette of the Mumbai Indians logo is orange, blue, green, red and camel brown. Don’t you think this colour combination is closely associated with some symbol of the Indian Nation?

The Indian National Flag has three colours i.e., orange, blue and green.

Except for red and camel brown, along with Indian mythology, also the national flag colour. The blue colour symbolizes, faith, trust, firmness and reliability.

The red colour is associated with energy, power, passion and focus. The green colour is associated with prosperity and richness.


The logo has been designed to convey professionalism, with a primary focus on the use of a sans-serif font. This design choice is intended to enhance the overall appeal of the brand and ensure that it is perceived in a positive light by its audience.


The overall research about the logo of Mumbai Indians, suggests that the logo was very designed to create impact for the brand.

The logo clearly speaks about the brand’s professionalism and its determination to achieve success. The logo also gives a patriotic feeling as the colour much relates to Indian Nationality.

The dedication of the team to continue climbing the ladder of success even after falling quite many times, is reflected through the logo. They are known for their fight against failure and not giving up.

The logo itself has attracted many fans following the Mumbai Indians. They are instrumental in the growth of cricket sports on a global level.

Thus, Mumbai will continue to achieve success and earn fame in the sports industry with its performance and representation in cricket.

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