And it’s helicopter six! ohh it’s stump out! Yes!, These are the taglines we hear from commentators when MS Dhoni is on the cricket ground.

So you must have got idea about what would be the topic of this blog. The topic of the blog is Scientific Analysis of CSK Logo.

What is Chennai Super King (CSK)?

Chennai Super Kings, also known as CSK, is an Indian cricket team that has won five Indian Premier League (IPL) titles. The team’s tagline, “Whistle Podu” originated in the Tamil language.

They have also achieved the award for wining Champoins League Twenty20. They have been qualified for playoff stage for arounf 12 times from 14 seasons that they have played which record breaking. Also team has played for ten finals matches which has been done by any other team.

However,the team had to face suspension for two years due to some conspiracies. There was loss of hope among the supporting fans, but however they successfully resolved the conspiracies and reappeared in IPL. Thus, the team is rightly titled as the yellow army by their fans.

Team play their own matches at M.A. Chidambaram which is stadium, located in Chennai. Initially M.S. Dhoni was elected as captain of the team, and currently Ruturaj Gaikwad is the captain of the team.

History and Evolution

In the year 2007, The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BBCI), established Indian Premier League (IPL). It was considered as T20 (Twenty20) matches, where there is single innings for both teams of twenty overs.

The IPL teams represent cities of India.Thus boost the craze among cricket lovers from different cities of India. This is how IPL became popular sports events with live streaming.

CSK was eighth among the sponsored teams. Thus, in year 2008, the team was established and owner was Indian Cements, (Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited).

The team got titled for tribute to the former rulers in Tamil Nadu. The year 2011 and 2013 is regarded as golden period for the team, this period was marked by the victory of the team two times in IPL.

The glorious and success history has made CSK to admire among their fan followings. Their achievement of various titles in IPL and winning championship and marked the team success secret.

The primary motive behind creating the logo was to incorporate the team’s spirit and their performance in the field of cricket.

Logo is considered as the mirror of the brand. The more elegant the logo is designed the more will brand gain the fame and identity.

Thus, of course we can’t ignore the fact CSK brand must have even design the logo keeping the above motive in mind.

The initial logo of CSK was drafted in their 2008. The first logo the brand itself was so remarkable that brand did not require to change the logo.

Thus, the logo was so sustainable and comprehensive that it created a benchmark. It was very tact fully designed, well crafted that there were no modifications required.

The colour combination, font, and symbol were selected to match with the team’s identity and the logo.

The logo of CSK consist of symbol of Lion and Crown. There is also the wordmark of the brand as Chennai Super Kings.

The graphics of the lion feature the head of the lion with open mouth as if it is roaring. The wordmark is placed inside the mouth of lion.

Above the wordmark a small crown is placed to symbolize the brand identity and to suggest Chennai team is the king.

The head of the lion is placed facing towards left and it is designed as only the outline of the lion’s head. While the wordmark is arranged in form of stairs starting at the top is name of the city “Chennai” in tiny scale, then there is “super” which is large than Chennai and then is “kings” which is enlarged and and in curve arc shape.

The crown is also chosen to be in blue colour to match with the word mark. Each of the words are in blue colour written in sans serif font. It was written in uppercase i.e., each letter was capitalized.

While the colour of the lion used is orange shade. Thus, the overall colour combination of the logo is yellow and blue with orange.

Colour and Font

The colour used in the logo is combination of yellow and blue with shade of orange. The yellow colour is used the logo to symbolize that the CSK team is different and stands out from other teams in IPL.

Yellow also represnts vibrancy and warmth, blue colour symbolizes confidence and professionalism. while orange colour symbolizes energy , power, and determination.

The primary font used in the logo is sans serif which suggests the brand ‘s professionalism.


The symbol of lion used in the logo suggest the title of the brand. As lion is regarded as king of the jungle, CSK is renowned as king of IPL.

Lion symbol in logo also represents the boldness and daring quality of the CSK team. The idea of using lion symbol was taken from Pallava Dynasty, which had similarly made use of lion symbol with other elements.


The Chennai Super Kings have drafted one of the most iconic logos. It reflects the team’s motive and their achievements. This has ultimately increased the pride of Chennai City. Thus, the are rightly titled as “Yellow Army” especially in Chennai.

There logo rightly speaks about there bravery and courage, with which they have overcome all conspiracies and arose back in IPL.

They have stood up against all odds just like lion, no matter what obstacles may come. The logo suggest the CSK team is one of dominant firm in cricket field.

The unique idea of logo design for the team itself claims that teams is quite identical from other team. Logo has not only inspired other team or fan of IPL, but it also has impacted the team.

It is regarded as the core of heart of the team from where they get supplements of blood in form of energy. It also suggest youthfulness, vibrancy and blaze for victory among team players.

Thus the logo has successfully created brand identity of CSK in field of cricket. CSK will continue to shine in the field of cricket through their determination and efforts.

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