Long drive on bike are very amazing right? Thus, this block will drive you crazy as the topic is Scientific Analysis of Hero Logo. Hero manufactures scooter and motorbikes even electric, in India. They hold around 46% of shares in field of motorbike manufacturing.

Hero brand has also set up a foundation, which provide help regarding education, health and so on. It has also provided sponsorship in sports events like cricket football and so on.

The year 2020 was a remarkable era for Hero, as it got much positive feedback from users for their service. Hero has also successfully set their business at global level by exporting their bikes in countries like Africa, America and so on.

Hero also manufactures bikes very carefully keeping in mind the safety of the riders. Hero is always set to adapt with modern trends and technology, through which they can add new features to their bikes.

Hero has also earned few notable awards and recognition in the market. It is regarded as one of the most trusted brand in India for bikes. Ram Charan renowned actor of South Indian film industry, was regarded as brand ambassador of the Hero Bikes.

Hero will also continue to achieve fame and revenue in around billions.

History and Evolution

The Hero brand was established in the year 1984 by Brijmohan Lall Munjal. The head office is located in Delhi. Initial brand was working in collaboration with Honda of Japan which was named as Hero Honda Motors Limited.

Now the brand is titled as Hero Moto Corp., also called Hero Honda. This transformation took place in the year 2010.

The administrators of Hero brand took a decision to separate from Japanese Corporation Honda Group and Honda Group will purchase 26% of stakes.

This decision actually opened the door for Hero brand to export their bikes in foreign countries which was not featured in their joint business with Japanese Group.

Thus, Hero brand has created history by small beginnings to great achievements. It has successfully set a benchmark in automotive industry.

It was Wolff Olins Organization who had designed the logo for Hero brand. Wolff Olins is organization set in London, that provides consultancy to brand.

It assist the brand wherever there is changes or upgrade required for the brand. They deal with the difficulties or challenges that brand usually faces.

They have also provided similar assistance to Hero brand as well. They have helped Hero Honda to earn fame at time when brand was separated with parent firm and started with their own business.

Their strategies and creative ideas really proved fruitful for Hero brand and it successfully earned global recognition.

A brand becomes popular only when the logo is quite unique and distinctive. Hero brand had changed their logo only twice. Let’s analyse both the logo scientifically.



In the year 1984, the initial logo of Hero brand was designed , which marked the establishment of the Hero Brand. The initial logo consisted of the wordmark of the brand titled as HeroHonda, written in serif font and red in colour.

The word Hero was placed above the word Honda. A symbol was also added which consisted of letter H placed on semi circle which looks likes a sun, with three horizontal lines placed below the symbol.

The H symbol represents the helmet of batsman, while the three lines suggest the tracking path for vehicles. This whole symbol was placed to left of the wordmark.

The wordmark was all in bold letters and capitalized. The H symbol was chosen to have black colour and semi circle and the three lines were in red colour.

However, this logo did not remain with brand for too long. This logo also did not prove much effective.



As the previous logo did not have much positive impact on the brand, they decided to reconstruction the logo. It was in year 2011, brand had upgraded the logo.

The logo consisted of wordmark only Hero written in sentence case, only h was capital. A symbol of two rectangular bar of which one looked as if sliced into two was placed to the left of the wordmark.

One rectangular bar was red in colour while the other bar was black in colour. The wordmark was written in serif font of red colour.

The sharp symbol design suggest the professionalism of the brand, even 3D effect is given to make the logo more attractive and unique.

Colour and Font

The primary colour used in the logo is red and black. Red colour symbolizes toughness and strength while black colour symbolizes confidence, trust and reliability.

This combination of red and black colour suggests about the overall brand identity. It makes the logo appear elegant and appealing to the users.


Thus, as per the research the logo of Hero brand is dynamic, which conveys the motive of the brand and their goods.

The logo indicates the brand true identity and their dominance in the automotive industry. It also speaks about brands legacy.

It also suggest about brand’s emphasis on excellence and innovation in the service and products. As the brand continues to achieve success, the logo will reflect the brand’s objectives as well as their milestones achieved.

Thus, as a result logo plays vital role for any brand in building identity, trust and recognition. The logo will continue to remain as indicator of the Hero brand’s global expansions and logo will also remain timeless.

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