Is there anyone is not aware of Reliance ? I think India is pretty much familiar with Reliance brand. This blog will give you insight on research on Scientific Analysis of Reliance Logo. Reliance is one of leading telecommunication company.

The was established in the year 2004 by Anil Ambani and he is regarded as owner of the brand. He also shareholder of 50.54% of shares.

Reliance brand ranks around 96th and is renowned as Global Company as well. It has also set a benchmark in creating more than two hundred billion market capital in India.

Reliance has expanded their business in fields like petrochemical, electricity, gas, and so on. Reliance has successfully brought India on map of global energy producer.

Thus, brand produces and manufactures polyester products, synthetic fabrics, petroleum products and so on. The brand also produces mobiles and telephones as well to expand their business.

Reliance also merged their business with Aircel, but could not work sucessfully because of law matters. However being a reputed and renown brand, Reliance still had to face hardship and difficulties.

Reliance in its history had faced financial crisis which even led to drop down in profit of the company. To overcome the financial issues brand came up with Reliance Jio service. Such are some insights about Reliance Company

History and Evolution

The Reliance Company was developed by Dhirubhai Ambani in the year 1958 and the head office is situated in Mumbai. While Mukesh Ambani is Chairman and Manager, while Anil Ambani use to handle the finance of the company.

They are regarded as Ambani brothers and sons of Dhirubhai Ambani. They worked with each other for some times, but later got separated as per niche.

Later in year 1970, the company started textile mill in Gujarat and became one of largest textile mill in India.

After this, in 1990, company began making petrochemicals in Jamnagar area of Gujarat. In 2000 the Reliance brought up with telecommunication services to embark the journey of expansion.

By the year 2006, Reliance Company came up with innovative idea. Brand started with retail services like sales of different brand in hyper market, supermarket and so on.

Thus, the overall history suggest the growth of the company in the market and how did the brand became globally renowned brand.

Vitthal Varia has created the logo for Reliance Company. He pursued Diploma in Applied Arts from renowned University in Baroda called M.S. University.

Also he pursed Post Graduation from National Institute of Design, for Graphic Designing we pursed form Switzerland.

Later he also established Varia Design Center, of which he is regarded as the owner. Also his designs speak about the experience he had earned working with great international design artist.

Not only, degree he has also earned few reward from renowned Academy and institute. Thus, he is righlty regarded great artist in Gujarat.

A Logo is regarded as the soul of any any brand or a company. It is also regarded as the jewel of the brand without which brand is nothing.

Thus, a brand require to create an iconic logo, which will be the identity of the brand. This will help brand to gain position in the market.

However the purpose of creating a logo can also vary from company to company, and so is the case with Reliance.

There can be multiple goals of Reliance for creating logo like global representation, brand awareness and so on.

An amazing fact is that though this is popular, still it had to change it’s logo thrice in there journey of success. Lets understand about elements incorporated in the logo.


The initial logo of Reliance was designed in the year 1966, which also marks the establishment of the brand. The initial logo was quite simple and identical.

It consisted of wordmark of the brand name Relaince, and symbol of convex lens and non- realistic circle shape cut through the convex lens symbol placed above the letter I.

The symbol was in blue in colour and word mark was in green in colour and font used was sand sans serif in bold. However this design was seemed to be outdated and boring for users.

This logo did not much sustained as it was not suitable with modern trends.



By the year 2000’s brand felt an urge to upgrade the logo. However, there were minor changes brought in the logo. The convex lens symbol was slightly redesigned to look

The colour of the symbol, was changed to green and the wordmark colour was changed to black. Also, word Industries limited was added and placed below the word reliance and was in small size than reliance word.

This logo again appeared as old representation with minimalist approach. However this logo was slightly impacted the users and hence it sustained with the brand for short period of time.



In 2001, brand reconstructed the logo, again with minor changes. The colour of the symbol in logo was camel brown and the wordmark was in black colour.

The wordmark was written in sand serif font. The symbol colour of camel brown suggest about grandeur and richeness.

Colour and Font

The colours used in the symbol is blue, green and camel brown. The camel brown here is titled as golden brown, which suggest richness and prosperity.

The blue colour suggests about brand’s reliability, and elegance. While the green colour signify the development and expansion of the brand on global platform.

The important font used in the logo is sans serif, which has been consistent.


To conclude, the study suggest, the iconic logo of Reliance speaks about company’s motives and objectives. The logo also reflects that brand is not confined only to services which are only trustworthy, but also adaptable to modern trends.

As any logo reflects the identity of the brand, the logo of Reliance too reflects brand’ creativity, success and versatility.

Though logo also shows the hurdles that the brand had to face through, but it also reflects how brand have overcome all hurdles and became one of leading industry in India.

Thus Reliance will continue to expand their business, and also will remain committed to their core vlues of service strategy.

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