We all are aware what role does a finance play not only for an individual, but also for nation. Thus, here is blog that will give you an insight about scientific analysis of Bank of Baroda logo. It is one of leading brand in banking sector.

Bank of Baroda is well known as one of a foremost public sector bank of India. It works with aim of customer centric approach. It also contribute its service towards India’s economic development.Bank of Baroda now serves number of clients from different regions.

This had resulted in brand worldwide recognition and fame. They follow certain norms like, work with honesty, creativity and transparency. Bank not only provide service in urban area but also in rural areas as well to reach out to customers in rural areas.

It not only provide service in form of retail banking, or international banking, but also they have developed digital banking. The aim behind this was to make banking process convenient for customers or clients. Thus, customer satisfaction is their priority.

History and Evolution

Bank of Baroda was founded in the year 1969 by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad. The headquarters of bank of baroda is located in Baroda (Vadodara) princely state of Gujarat.

The fact will amaze you that Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwa was the one who established an office on rent in the Baroda city and provided a capital of gold coins and silver plate.

In the year 2019, Bank of Baroda was affiliated with two other banks, Vijaya and Dena Bank. Did you know? the main intention behind this was to increase the service of the brand.

Initially it began with small operation i.e. small capital base and later it earned popularity in bank sector. In the year 1969, Bank of Baroda was nationalized. It now opened the door for bank to promote service across India.

Bank of Baroda had also set up a brand in London in 1974. This gave a spark to journey of brand towards international ground. Thus, it focuses on providing financial assistance to their customer at professional level.

Did you know that Bank of Baroda upgraded its logo twice. Let’s have a look at it.


The initial logo of the brand was designed in the year 1908. It consisted of the brand title i.e., Bank of Baroda written in circle of outlined navy blue colour.

To add more in the logo, there contained symbol of wheel that looked like a gear and inside it was placed the symbol of wheat. A An open hand symbol was placed to left of the the wheel symbol which was in navy blue in colour. While the entire elements was placed in circle. It was placed in semi circular arc form.

The grain symbol and gear symbolizes two activities in which bank has contributed for development of activities, which is agriculture and industry.

The title i.e., the wordmark Bank of baroda was written in two languages – Hindi and English. However the first logo did not successfully create a positive impact for the brand. The first appeared to be very messy and unambitious.


In 2005, brand decided to refine the logo to keep the brand sustained in the banking sector. The “Bank of Baroda” was in orange colour.

The wordmark was written in 2 languages Hindi and English. The letter were in sentence case which means the initial letter of each word is capital except for “of”. Rest all the elements were removed.

A new element was added which was the “B” symbol of orange placed towards left of the wordmark. The B symbol was so uniquely drafted that it had a design of half sun and its rays. Even B symbol classically designed to have doubled “B”. The sun symbolizes light, energy, development and growth.

Colour and Font

The colour that has been consistent throughout the logo transformation is orange. Orange is associated with sun, which is symbolizes energy, ray of hope, and high spirit. It also signify security features and trustworthiness of the brand.

The important font used in the logo is serif, which symbolizes adaptability and simplicity. Did you that most of dignified institute which are owned by Government prefer serif font for their logo. This suggest that brand is quite professional.


Thus, the study suggests that Bank of Baroda is one of leading financial bank that has refined its logo the least times. This suggest their stability and recognition in the banking sector.

However the service that bank provides which clearly reflects in the logo, could be the reason that makes the brand to compete with other big bank like SBI and ICICI.

Bank of Baroda is also dedicated toward supporting education, health protection, and so on. Thus with its dedicated service to customers Bank of Baroda will continue to become requisite institute in banking sector. Thus, logo has played important role for brand in creating ever lasting impact on the users.

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