Blog is designed for scientific analysis of pinterest logo. Pinterest logo services purpose of sharing photographs and graphics. It provides free photo hosting service. It provides platform where user create their own collection of photos which is called as boards in Pinterest application. The Pinterest logo was first designed in 2010. The application was found by Ben Silbermann who was San Francisco California.

Colour analysis

The colour combination of red duo i.e. red and white symbolize passion, urge of creativity and curiosity to explore things.

2010- 2011

The first draft design of logo contained word “Pinterest”, which was designed to be “p” capital and rest letter in cursive. The important feature to note in logo the word Pinterest was carved using calligraphy art. The colour chosen was black and shadow effect was imbibed in black colour.


In 2011 logo was changed by the brand. The new logo consisted of simple and elegant design. It contained only initial letter of “Pinterest” i.e. “p” with white colour placed inside a red coloured circle. This suggest more of business perspective than previous logo.

However again in 2011 the logo gained an impetus. The brand decided to change the logo.  The letter “p” was carved to pointed bottom. While the letters of word “rest” were to be closely connected with each other and t was carved in such a way that the arch of letter “s” and   stroke of letter “t” are attached to each other.


However in 2016 the brand again decided to redesign the logo. The logo design consist of word “Pinterest” in neue hass grotesk font with only letter “p” capital. Also the initial “p” imbibed in red coloured was placed towards left of the word “Pinterest”.


The word “p” suggest the initial name of the brand and word “pin” suggest the feature of application that user create their image collection. Pinterest have proved to create successful benchmark in the market. The minimalist approach of logo suggest that it is restricted to images pinning and sharing. However brand had faced several issues with logo regarding controversies, but they still to work on the brand have brand sustain in the market.

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