It is interesting to study the scientific analysis of YouTube logo. The logo of YouTube symbolizes a polyglot video hosting service of America. It stands as evidence of growth and change. It was the first ever video streaming application that brought transformation into social media world. Thus YouTube is one of best video content platform where user can upload their content in video form. From 2006 YouTube is affiliated with goggle. YouTube has proved to be capable to beat other stream platforms like daily motion and vimeo. Only YouTube had sustained in streaming market. The journey of YouTube was marked by start up by Paypal employees Steve Chan, Jawed Karim, and Chad Hurle. They used there bonus and skill create a brand name YouTube.

Now lets explore about the meaning of YouTube logo

Initially YouTube was designed for providing platform for those business which is product based through video form. It gradually transformed into platform where user began to create content and influencing video. This only gives platform for but business but for content creators as well for showcase there talent through video

Now let us understand how the logo has gradually evolved

2005 – 2011

Beginning with launch of logo in 2005 the logo was divided into two section. The first half was designed to be black in colour consisting of “you”. While the rest i.e. “tube” was designed to be in whit in colour. The word “tube” was designed is such way that is way inserted in a rectangle box of red colour combination. The rectangle box was designed to have slight rounded corner to remind one of t.v. the letter “y” and “t” was chosen to remain capital while rest remained in lower case


However YouTube planned to change its logo in 2011 for first time. The only changes brought were “tube” box into 3 D effect with shadow effect. It proved to be more powerful than previous logo. While the rest elements of logo remained unchanged.

2013- 2015

It was is 2013 that YouTube thought to again renovate the logo. Again there was only change brought to “tube” box . This time box was chosen to be bright in colour with a shade of red. Also one can see the elimination of shadow effect that was portrayed in previous logo.

2015- 2017

Again YouTube planned to change the logo. They focus was on colour combination of red of “tube”. This time they came up with a darker shade of red. By this they want to reveal that there this time is more professional, exquisite and unique.

Talking about current logo design it is much more variant than earlier logo design. In current logo the word “tube” was picked out from red box and was anchored with “you” to form “YouTube” altogether. While the red box was relocated to right of character. To enhance the red box a white play button was carved inside the red box. The capitalization of letter “y” and “t” remained consistent throughout the journey.

Colour arrangement and font

There is no doubt in saying that YouTube has thoughtfully invested there energy and time to choose the colour pattern of logo. They has combination of red black and white. Red symbolizes for passion, white represents purity and black represents sophistication. Th font used for word YouTube is sans serif.


Thus the simplicity and timelessness of logo has made YouTube brand to boon in the market. It has proved helpful platform for influencers, businessmen, and video content creators. It is also serves education purpose as well where student can access content for education. Thus the multi purpose service and multilingual feature of YouTube makes it a unique application.


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