Lets scientifically  analyse the logo of snapchat. The snapchat is social media application designed for purpose of sharing photographs and also for posting photographs. This application was introduced in the year 2011. The unique fact about logo of snapchat is that this logo was been designed in just one evening by a person who is not a professional designer. This application also serves as purpose of communication as well. Initially logo was titled as Picaboo and later it got the name as snapchat. The logo design of snapchat consist of a ghost chillah which suggest the policy of application that the photo will be deleted as per user preference.


2011- 2013

The initial logo design consist of a ghost designed by co- founder of snapchat. It consist of ghost with smiling face and tongue projecting out, two little arms and a head. It was named after Ghostface Killah of Wu- Tang Clan. The ghost shaped figure was placed into a square shape with slight rounded corners. The colour of square was chosen to be yellow colour and ghost was in white colour. The ghost also symbolizes the security of communication. The ghost figure gives a halloween vibrations.

2013- 2019

In 2013 the brand decided to update the logo. There was change in ghost figure rest elements were untouched. This time the ghost figure was designed to have no eyes and smile on the face and no tongue. This suggest there is no expression on face of ghost.


It was in 2019 that brand decided to again bring change in logo. This time ghost figure was designed to have even more bolder borders. However this logo design created a negative impact on user and they began to criticise for the change in logo. User were not satisfied with this design as they the design to be ugly. However steps were taken to improve the version of logo.

Colour Palettes and Font

The logo of snapchat has combination of trio – yellow white and black colour. These colour to some extend symbolizes the feeling of cheerup among teen and young generations creating a sense of socialization.


The ghost symbol of snapchat itself suggest that the messages or chats on snapchat are transitory, which they disappear after period of time just like a ghost. The brand had decided to change the logo to create a connection with the user. They designed the logo to be simple and with minimal design to create impact upon user. It is also said that the brand symbol “ghost” was named after famous American rapper Ghostface Killah as co-founder of brand was big fan of the rapper. Thus, this application is considered to be identical among the user. The moment user sees the ghost symbol with white and yellow colour, they can identify it’s the snapchat application. Thus, such is case study of snapchat logo.

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