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Scientific Analysis of Asus Logo



The Asus brand has set it fame in field of electronic technology. The brand produces and manufactures PC, mobiles, laptop, motherboard and other products. The brand came into limelight in year 1989 with headquarters situated in China. Brand was named after a Greek traditional word called Pegasus which means sagacity and intellect. It is said that the brand was pioneered by Acer Engineers.


1989- 1995

Initially the logo of the brand Asus was designed to have simple appearance. It consisted with word ASUS all in uppercase, where the strike of letter A was replaced by a thin end of swoosh underlying the nameplate. The letter A was designed to be little large than rest letter ‘sus’. The tagline word “Computer” was also imbibed. The swoosh was designed in such way that it resembles like an orbit or a path. The elements of the logo was combined with white background.



In 1995 brand decided to upgrade the logo. The new logo consist of letter Asus were of one same size. Another feature of logo was that the word Asus was cut with inscription in horizontal angle. This symbolizes sharpness. Also there was no space left between the letters. This suggest the simplicity and smoothness of logo chosen by the brand.



In 2022, brand decided to again upgrade the logo. The brand decided to present precise and minimalistic look for logo. Only letter “A” was chosen to upgrade and eliminate the rest letter. Letter “A” was designed as resembling two rectangular triangles closely attached to each other. The triangles were featured to have slight rounded corner. The arrangement was triangles in such way that it resembled as arrow pointing upwards. Letter appeared as “人, which means Chinese writings.

Font and colour combination

The font selected for logo is sans serif. The colour palette of logo is white and blue colour which remained sustained though logo kept changing. The blue and white colour suggest professionalism, sustainability and novelty.


Asus is identified as brand winning the many prices for their products. Through their innovation and creativity that managed to sustain in the market against their competitors. The brand has created benchmark as they initiated with small group making motherboards and reached to winning many awards. The brand also works with the motive to create products that are environment friendly. Thus, the brand is now recognized by worldwide qualified brand in the market of technology. As the brand produces both final products and some ingredients like monitor, pc, and mobile and so on, it successfully earned the fame.

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