Apple brand is considered one of popular electronic brand in market. It manufactures products like PC, cell phones, iPad and computers and so on. This brand also runs their own software and other online services. It was found by Steve Jobs in 1976. The story of logo of the brand surprisingly connected with the story of Isaac Newton who invented about gravity power through apple incident in his life. It is interesting to know about the fact that the brand has changed the logo three times. 


Initial logo of Apple consist of an artistic portrait of Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. The design is surrounded by a white ribbon design with words “Apple Computer Co” carved on it. It seems as if the white ribbon is used to enclose the portrait.


To give the logo a different and effective look brand decided to change the logo. They decided to replace the portrait of Isaac Newton with only an enlarged apple symbol. The apple was designed in such way that is looked as if someone have taken a bite from it. The colour of apple was rainbow colours.


Brand decided to upgrade their logo by the year 1998. This the logo gained a much professional appearance. The Apple symbol was untouched and no change was brought in apple symbol. The changes brought were only in colour. The colour of Apple symbol was chosen to be black. A wordmark was attached towards the part of apple showing a bitten portion. The text was the named as IPhone. This was done bring back the attention of user towards the original moto of the brand.

Colour Palette and font

The colour combination chosen by the brand for logo was rainbow colours, and then black and white. The rainbow colour was chosen to suggest that the brand had first ever introduces a products which has features of colours. While black colour suggest that brand has brought modern product to match the trend.


Apple brand is said to one of identical brand in the market. The moment you show someone half bitten apple symbol, they will easily recognize it as an apple brand. It has proved to be one of most popular brand who managed to beat their competitors in the market. They are the brand who have create their own software system called iOS. This system is much more advanced than android system. However one more important motive of Apple brand was that they wanted to create a product which is eco- friendly. Also they focused on creating product which are user- friendly and well in appearance. 

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